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Adapting to change

One thing in this life that is certain, is change. Wether we are expecting it or completely unaware, it arrives all the same, causing us to shift gears or change course altogether. As uncomfortable as its arrival may be, it is necessary. We have an ironic tendency to become complacent in familiarity when growth is our true nature. Too often we outgrow our current circumstances, but hold to that familiarity not realizing that comfort and stagnation are good homies. For myself, change has been in order for some time now. Over the past year, exhaustion, burnout, and illness have been mounting and with the recent passing of my father, grief joined the party and brought my world to a halt. As stubborn as I could be, I dug my heels in time and again, resisting the change of direction that Creator had lined up, until everything compounded into an inescapable submission hold.

This new mandated stillness brought with it a stark realization of how much of our lives we take for granted. Our health, relationships, talents, so many things can be gone in such an unexpected flash. Many times, in our pursuit of stability and moreover, security, we unwittingly overlook these things as it seems we are doing the “right” thing. While security is important, so is living, so is appreciating. This realization inspired a deep desire to be present to the things that mean most to me, that take care of me, that I’m passionate about. Being genuinely attentive, appreciative, and honoring of not only my loved ones, but myself as well, feels right.

Change is good, and as we’ve entered the Autumn months, adapting, aligning, appreciating and flowing are the lessons on the table. For myself the goal is LIVING with fullness and appreciation. Stay blessed relatives!

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